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    World Travel Atlas - 11th edition
World Travel Atlas - 11th edition 

Now in its eleventh edition and available worldwide, the World Travel Atlas is designed for those who want to learn more about our world, as well as those in the travel trade who require the ultimate training publication. It is an invaluable reference tool for anyone looking for clear, accurate and topical global information.

A conventional set of world map plates is augmented by numerous focus maps showing areas of particular interest to tourists, letting you zoom in on the regions where detailed coverage is needed. There are also more than 70 thematic maps, many statistical charts and tables, appendices and a comprehensive index, together with a new 'Countries A-Z' section.

Every page has been revised and updated, with many maps being redrawn.
The World Travel Atlas is a one-of-a-kind atlas because it zooms in on all the areas of the world that travelers actually go to. Serving the needs of travel agents, travel enthusiasts, students and teachers alike, this atlas is a must have. For ease of use, pages are color-coded, cross-referenced and every entry is indexed.
Clear and logical, this visually striking World Atlas contains a complete set of world maps, color-coded and cross-referenced for ease of use, plus over 100 fascinating specialist country and thematic maps which show resorts and features not normally found in academic atlases.
From the publisher...

"This atlas was designed specifically for the travel trade and we surveyed a large number of travel agents to find out what they wanted in an atlas. The front part of the atlas is like any other atlas except the maps are slightly larger making it easier to read.

Once you get to the middle of the publication, there is a whole series of specialized maps, such as a two-page spread showing the location of major world-wide airports with 3 letter designator codes, world-wide cruise routes, world-wide railway routes, world driving routes, etc.

It then goes on to take the areas of the world most commonly visited by tourists and "zooms in" to show all the resorts and destinations that would be hard to find in an academic atlas. For example, France is broken up into Brittany, Western Loire, Paris, French Alps, Southwest France, Cote d'Azur, Pyrenees (West), Pyrennes (East), Corsica, and there's even a map highlighting the different wine regions within France!

Other features include valuable travel and tourism statistics and blank maps at the back that can be used for training (orphotocopied to write on).

This "must own" atlas is a unique compendium of:

  • Thematic maps, including climate, time zones, health risks, driving regulations, major airports with approximate flight times, three-letter airport codes, main cruising ports, principal railway and ferry routes, cultural sites, beaches, ski resorts, theme parks, national parks and millennium events.
  • Principal travel destinations. In-depth coverage of the world's most popular travel resorts.
  • Travel statistics, including the facts and figures on numbers of tourists by destination and the average spend and receipt, top attractions and modes of transportation
  • Training maps. 16 pages to help with essential training on capital cities, key towns, regions and borders.
When is the last time you looked at a map that told you not only where the beaches were but whether they were clean or not? How about a map that gave you airport codes and flight times? Speed limits and which side of the road to drive on? The World Travel Atlas shows you this and much more!

Sample pages from the World Travel Atlas:

World Travel Atlas - 11th edition
ISBN 11e-978-0-9566066-0-0
Price: US$104.00 (CA$ 142.48)

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