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    OAG Pocket Flight Guide - 1 Year / 12 Issues
OAG Pocket Flight Guide - 1 Year / 12 Issues 

An essential reference for today's traveler and travel arranger

The OAG Pocket Flight Guide provides accurate and comprehensive flight schedule information in a convenient and easy-to-use format.

Available in three regional versions:

  • Europe, Middle East & Africa
  • Americas
  • Asia Pacific

Each version contains flights within and from/to the particular region.

Pocket Flight Guide provides travelers with the options they need:

  • To maximize their business time
  • To make decisions quickly if a trip doesn't go to plan

Pocket Flight Guide enables travel arrangers:

  • To identify schedules that work for your travelers
  • To save valuable time by consulting a consolidated and unbiased source of information
Each guide is printed monthly, delivered to your door and contains a comprehensive listing of up to 165,000 scheduled regional flights.

As well as national airlines, low cost carriers are included, so you can be sure you are seeing the full breadth of flight coverage.

Small enough to fit in carry-on luggage or on your desk, not reliant on internet access or cell life, access to flight schedules will always be available.

With Pocket Flight Guide in your hand you take control. If your travels or your travelers cross continents then just add another of the Pocket Guides to your suite.

The OAG Pocket Flight Guide gives you the flight information you need, exactly when you need it. Find the best flight in seconds – see 165,000 direct and connecting flights that are organized clearly to help you make a quick decision
  • Build your plans on reliable information – every month you’ll receive an updated guide. And because OAG is completely independent, you’ll have a greater choice of flights too.
  • Be better prepared for your trip – this is so much more than just a flight guide. Along with detailed flight schedules, find city-to-airport maps and an airport facility guide to keep your trips running smoothly
  • Save time searching for useful numbers – all the contact details you need are now at your fingertips, including airlines, airports, hotels and car rental reservations.

So don’t waste time. Start your subscription now!

Choose from these 3 EDITIONS:
(Each edition covers flights within the region plus international flights to/from the region to the rest of the world.)

  • OAG Pocket Flight Guide – America
  • OAG Pocket Flight Guide – Europe, Africa and Middle East
  • OAG Pocket Flight Guide – Asia Pacific

Each 1 year subscription includes 12 monthly issues.

No matter which edition(s) you select, the format and size is consistent. Your Pocket Flight Guide is convenient:
  • Fits in your briefcase, your purse, or your carry-on bag, it's easy to take on the road when you travel.
  • Schedules are listed in a FROM/TO format in order to build connections easier (and matches airline industry standards.
  • Flight times are listed in a 24 hour clock format - the standard for world travel.

OAG Pocket Flight Guide - 1 Year / 12 Issues
Price: US$493.00 (CA$ 675.41)

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