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    OAG Flight Guide N.A. (1 Year, 12 Issues)
OAG Flight Guide N.A. (1 Year, 12 Issues) 
The complete guide to flight schedules within North America.
The North American desktop edition of the OAG Flight Guide is the most comprehensive source of timely flight information for the travel arranger, corporate planner or administrative assistant who plans travel within N.A. In addition to flight schedules, the Desktop Guides include airline code-share carriers, airline code numbers, aircraft decoding, state/city/airport decode lists, flight routings by flight number, minimum connection times, airport terminals, airline contact lists and toll-free numbers. And a new updated edition is published every month. If it's not in the Desktop Guide, it doesn't fly.

Available in two editions: Worldwide or this North American edition.

Edition Areas Covered # Flights Listed
North American US, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean 250,000
Worldwide All of the above PLUS Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia and Latin America 780,000
Subscriptions are available for 1 or 2 years.
Plus, the North American edition has the option of either 12 monthly issues or 24 semi-monthly issues.
The OAG Flight Guide N.A. lists all scheduled flights, flight routings, transfer times, and more, throughout North America, all in one easy-to-use format.
If you prefer the Worldwide edition, click HERE.

OAG Flight Guide N.A. (1 Year, 12 Issues)
Price: US$1,657.00 (CA$ 2,270.09)


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