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About Us Information about New Concepts Travel Marketing, our products and services.

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Various ways to contact us via phone, email, fax, mail, or web.
FAQs Answers to questions you may have about ordering, paying, shipping of our products.
Soft-cover publication containing extensive airports, facilities, and ground transportation details. Pocket-sized.
This is a Personnel Directory of all travel companies in Canada, available in book, CD and online formats.
A directory of airline consolidators in Canada and the USA, with worldwide routes.
Excellent sources for information on cruises. Star Service has unbiased online reviews.
Travel 42 is web-based. The others are soft-cover. All have extensive and detailed destination information for countries worldwide. The IATA TIM Manual has passport, visa, customs, and health regulations.
Hotel & Travel Index is a large soft cover manual containing hotels worldwide, their ratings, and contact information. Star Service is web-based and adds detailed hotel reviews. The OAG Travel Planner has hotels, flights, car rental, a complete package for the frequent flyer or corporate travel planner.
The IATA TIM Manual has worldwide passport, visa, customs, and health regulations.
The World Travel Atlas is a detailed geographical atlas with additions for travel professionals. The Wall Map is large and laminated.
Detailed passenger and cargo flight schedules worldwide: soft cover book and web-based, all from the industry leader, OAG.
Numerous options to obtain passenger flight schedules from the industry leader and world standard, OAG. Some are pocket book size, CD, or web-based.
The OAG Travel Planner is available in CD or Web-based and also contains flight schedules.

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