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How to Order Books, Software, or Web-based Subscriptions


  • There is of course no shipping cost for web-based products.
  • USA customers: Shipping is FREE for most products.
  • For some other products (IATA books), shipping is FREE to all countries.
  • Since shipping differs by country, we ask you to first fill in your address at "Check Out". When you click to go to the next screen, the shipping cost, taxes, and total price for your country will be shown.


  • All orders must be paid before we can ship.
  • Throughout our store, prices are shown in both US and Canadian dollars. If you are in Canada, your credit card will be charged in Canadian dollars. Shoppers in all other countries will be charged in US dollars.
  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal.
  • To pay by company check, make checks payable to "New Concepts" and send to:
    New Concepts Travel Marketing
    2 - 3088 Francis Road
    Richmond BC Canada V7C 5V9
  • To pay by bank wire transfer, please contact us for details
  • If your company requires an invoice in order to process payment, please let us know and we will email one to you
  • If paying an invoice or any other miscellaneous charge, you can CLICK HERE for our Secure Credit Card Payment Page.
  • Or EMAIL your requirements & payment details to us at our email address below.
  • Or MAIL your order - fill out and print the online order form, and send to
    New Concepts Travel Marketing
    2 - 3088 Francis Road
    Richmond BC Canada V7C 5V9

Order confirmation?

  • We confirm all orders via email as soon as possible after receiving them. Therefore, please make sure to include your email address with your order (your email address will not be used for any other reason except to communicate with you regarding your order).

Discounts on multiple copies?

  • Many customers order more than one copy of our publications or software and we frequently offer discounts on quantity orders. Please email us and we will be happy to provide quantity discount pricing.

Delivery time?

  • Most orders for books or CDs are delivered within 3 weeks. If you do not receive your order in this time frame, please email us to check status.
  • For web-based products we will send you a User ID, Password, and access instructions within 7 days of your order and most often within 1-2 business days.


  • If you are not completely satisfied with your order, please contact us to arrange to return it, and to obtain a refund.
  • As much as possible, books should be returned in original packaging, within 30 days.
  • Note: shipping/handling charges are not refundable (this is referred to as a "restocking fee").
  • Web-based products such as Star Service Online and Travel 42 are only refundable within the first 7 days of the subscription.

If your order is damaged?

  • Please email us with details.