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    OAG Travel Planner Pro (Web-based)
OAG Travel Planner Pro (Web-based) 
More travel planning power than ever before!
Complete itinerary planning service - the ultimate online travel planning tool for your busy schedule.

OAG Travel Planner Pro is the premier online tool for business travelers and travel arrangers who need to create, manage, and save complex travel plans quickly and easily.

Fast and easy-to-use, Travel Planner Pro offers you almost unlimited travel options and fast intelligent verification - ensuring the ultimate in travel planning flexibility. No other tool allows you to plan multi-leg and complex flights in so little time.

Did you know?

  • Create highly complex travel itineraries quickly & easily within an instant online environment - plan with confidence, knowing that all possible options are being displayed
  • Access one source to over 900 airlines and 3,500 airports to identify schedules that work for you and save your valuable time by only visiting the one site
  • Shortlist options so your traveler can see what will work best for them rather than making lots of calls to your Travel Agent/Airline
  • Create and manage personal profiles for your travelers so you can quickly recall and re-use their preferences
  • Manage your corporate preferences within the system so your preferred airlines are displayed first and you stay company compliant
  • Email the itinerary direct to your traveler (or travelers) for approval or as reference on their journey
  • Support your plan with a host of supplementary information that finalises any trip: country/city destination information, minimum connecting times, reservation numbers and much more
  • Review flight status: check to see whether the flight is on time or possibly delayed be pro-active not reactive to changes
Key features:

  • Global flight schedules from more than 900 airlines
  • Over 860,000 direct and 361,000 connecting flights
  • 200 destination guides
  • Enables multi-leg trip building
  • Easy-to-compare results display
  • Trip Builder wizard
  • Shortlist your options for final approval
  • Supplementary travel information to support your itinerary
  • Download version available from within the online product for offline use
  • Multi-user licenses also available

Key benefits:

OAG Travel Planner Prois available in your choice of monthly updated CD or viathis web-based version. This planning tool has worldwide flights,destination guides,airport information and more. All designed to make your task of organizing travel easy and fast.

The software is smart too. It will remember your search preferences, so you wont have to repeat yourself. It will help you build complex itineraries, print out useful city maps, tell you what visas you need, and pretty much hold your hand through the entire planning process.

So if you want to spend less time arranging your trip, while ending up with better travel plans, take a look at OAG Travel Planner Pro.

Smart itinerary building all flights, extensive travel information, complete service from only one toolall youll ever need.
When you subscribe, you'll receive a personal User ID and Password, giving you unlimited access for either 1 or 2 years.

OAG Travel Planner Pro (Web-based)
Price: US$582.00 (CA$ 774.06)

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