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    Star Service Online (Web-based)
Star Service Online (Web-based) 

STAR SERVICE ONLINE gives you instant access to unbiased critical reviews of more than 10,000 hotels and 250 cruise ships worldwide. Also, STAR Service Online has listings for an additional 120,000 hotels, with more reviews for these added daily. Our correspondents inspect the properties and then provide in-depth reviews that assess the quality of the property, its amenities and its value. Our reviews are so complete that Star Service Online enables you to judge hotels as if you had visited them yourself. Each entry includes:

  • Insightful editorial focused on assessing quality with absolutely no advertising
  • Commission information for travel agents
  • Contact names/addresses/phone/fax/toll-free numbers, website link if available
  • Rates
  • Unbiased star ratings - classifications based on facilities, amenities and services.

You will also be able to look at our list of SUPER STARS. SUPER STARS are those properties that, in the judgment of our correspondents, are warranted to be truly outstanding. They all demonstrate a level of excellence that greatly exceeds that of most properties sharing the same classification. Few in number, SUPER STARS all have something extraordinary to offer. A STAR online subscription makes YOU the expert in hotels and cruise ships worldwide.

For 40 years, Star Service has been the leading provider of critical hotel information to travel professionals:

Despite what some may say, a travel agent can only take so many fams. And when a client needs advice on a hotel or cruise ship you've never visited, there's only one place to turn: STAR Service. Accepting no advertising or payment for inclusion, this online source of hotel and cruise reviews provides impartial, opinionated descriptions of more than 10,000 hotels and 250 major cruise ships throughout the world, plus listings and contact details for over 130,000 hotels. With one of the most loyal groups of subscribers of any travel publication today, STAR Service has become the travel agent's best friend, helping to ensure the satisfaction of even the most demanding clientele. All reviews are based on personal inspections carried out by STAR Service's worldwide staff of correspondents.

STAR Service, the Critical Guide to Hotels and Cruise Ships, is the travel reference tool that gives you the whole truth. Each hotel and cruise ship review provides an honest, in-depth, no-holds-barred description of what it's actually like to be a guest or passenger.

...The next best thing to visiting thousands of hotels and cruise ships yourself -- and a key to making well-informed recommendations to your clients.

STAR Tells the Truth:
Anyone can tell you where a hotel is located, how many rooms it has, or where a cruise ship sails. But only STAR will tell you the TRUTH about what it's like to be a guest or passenger! STAR is unique in its honest, in-depth assessment of ships and hotels. With Star, travel agents can be experts for clients, directing them to hotels and ships that fit their particular needs...and ensuring that they return again and again for more advice.

CHARINGWORTH MANOR Charingworth, England "Service here has brought some complaints; this is the kind of hotel where guests like to keep to themselvesand much of the staff does, too."

RAJVILAS Jaipur, India "An impressive attention to detail is evident throughout, with 200-kilogram brass and wood doors and the works of 50 stone carvers as examples of the builders' commitment to doing the job right here. A noted Indian fashion designer clothed the staffers, who lead guests past the entrance fountains while shading them with umbrellas."

Our travel correspondents personally visit each hotel and ship and give you their candid, no-holds-barred opinion of what's good about themand what isn't. Their in-depth descriptions of the properties are informative and fun to read. They tell you what it's actually like to be a guest or passengerright down to the decor in the lobby and the cleanliness of your stateroom. You'll learn just how good the staff really is. And if the clientele at that renowned Caribbean resort has changed. And how big the closets are.

BETSY ROSS HOTEL Miami Beach, Florida "The tiny reception desk cluttered with fashion magazines would not be so irksome were the staff not always leafing through the glossies. At inspection, the surly clerk showed disgust when asked to put down Elle and hand a guest a key. Such behavior is not limited to reception either."

ALVEAR PALACE HOTEL Buenos Aires, Argentina "This is the cognoscenti's choice in BA, and they are more likely to impress Argentines by choosing to stay here rather than in one of the city's many chain links."

Star Onlines search features make it easy for you to find the hotels and cruise ships that meet your needs. Search by hotel name, type, or destination. Search ships by ship name, cruise area, cruise line, capacity, ship type. Regular online updates keep the information current.

If you do not yet have a subscription to the Star Service Online, we encourage you to sign up!

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Star Service Online (Web-based)
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